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released April 12, 2014

all Tracks written, produced and mixed by David Schreck
mastered by Ludwig Maier at GKG Mastering
Cover Art by Marcus Nebe, David Schreck
Mascot "Sarkanj" by Laura Jennings

Booking by Galo-Bookings

additional Appearances:

Christian Birkner: Electric Guitar on Track 5,7
Ella Priesnitz: Background Vocals on Track 5,10
Christian Gaube: Trumpet on Track 4,6,9
Moritz Geiling: Cajon on Track 9
Johannes Rögner: Choruslyrics on Track 1

Dedicated to Christine Schreck (1959-1996)


all rights reserved



INOX BY, Germany

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Track Name: Feet at Least
free my soul
could i ever be cold and warm at once?
i´m moving to the other side
building a red warm home
which rehash my heart
I´m searching the one
moving the past
trying the new
collecting the trash
and throw it away

you wanna fly but your wings are ripped of
and you are just feeling sick but at least
you still got feet so why don`t walk
Track Name: Changing
anytime i come along
i see you talk but never long
let me hail and think you´re crazy
anytime i come along
i see you walking there
but you´re changing
you´re fucking blown into the ocean
like amazing things in motion
i´m lazy, thats the point
but you are changing

you broke the rules
i need a sign
no one cares
the beat is mine
you still have friends
you went away
we promise
you will find your way

anytime you showed me things
it was like you gave me wings
you let me fly and feel the ocean
anytime you came along
i saw the shapes in there
now you´re broken
it was like a distant culture
now a damn switch into a torture
i´m believing, thats the point
but you are changing
Track Name: Hotep
your love devides
now you are free
it all comes silently
to your ear

its all about to fall
about to loose
all you ever wanted
you wanted all

it´s all about to fall nevermore

it was meant to be silently
you never wanted this last goodbye
I will never judge, i catch the sign
heavenly you´re floating there

it´s all about to fall nevermore

it was meant to be your destiny
you wanna control it
no way to try
if you ever fall into si-fi
silently you´re floating here

it´s all about to fall nevermore
Track Name: Rainbow Rise (V2A)
let the forecast roll

moving in a land with a different state
it is not my world
i just can simplify it´s something wrong
simply something wrong
i am walking in another time
with all those crazy guys
it´s gonna be a long good time
and it´s been a while
since i left the crowns behind
i´ll do it once again
once again alone
rainbow rise
everytime again
just let it roll

you see it cause you are my daughter
no doubt about we´re coming closer

droping the bomb in your comfort zone
check it on the way
they will indentify, analyise
and in the end you die
don´t let the forecast win
don´t let it rule again
it seems to be a long cold road
and it´s been a while
since i left the drones behind
i´ll do it once again
once again with you
rainbow rise
everytime again
just let it roll

you see it cause you are my daughter
no doubt about we´re coming closer
Track Name: Dust Kills
you simply got it on
but my eyes are on the clime
you see the lights burning down
you want to
watch the fight forevermore

it´s not the work of jesus
it´s not a matter of time
it is not worth to believe in
i´m falling right out of time

lease my sight
call your thoughts
deep inside
live it up
just this way
to survive

information is a gun for them
can you believe what they tell you?

information is a gun
a remote for everyone
information is the key
to destroy society
Track Name: Looking like Drawn
we know we´re sweeping
we know we´re waiting for the sacrifice
i know i am breathing
in the morningtime
and in the evening
it is time for glory

you´re down on the wornout side
looking like drawn, good to hide
producing the labels
but don´t make a scream
pray for salvation
this could blues my mind
an ancient dance, creation of live
fly with one wing or step below
free your land and your mind even so
blues my mind
loose and throw it away
alone on this side with a desperate feel
nobody knows if this is real:

i don´t know why they´re looking at you
sometimes it´s the fact cause they are born
on a crap backseat

they´re passing by, no way they´ll change their sight, sell it
cause dusk breaks on everyone
you can hide it on your back side

lone and deep
lonesome crawling
you dont see my eyes
one stone just throw it
you dont know where its gone
so come on and
free your sight and love it again
log it again
love these lines and see whats happening
so catch it
or just throw it all away...

don´t run away
don´t stay too close
all those songs from yesterday
no more lies no more fear
i can see much clearer now
Track Name: INOX
the solving
the basement
you coming by
and break it
one after the other
is there a life to discover?

you can´t own myself
in this state of stopping love
another one is not the key
who cures my soul
no one really knows
it´s freezing

that makes me crazy
not cooling down
and all because of the sin of singing this song
its about my head, my own relations, my own fear
tell me when i repeat myself
don´t stop me baby, don´t say it's wrong
it´s all because
they promised
they told us it's wrong
we´re moving side by side
maybe thats right and
no one can catch everything
sustainless steel

just meet the new
stop me from moving
and all because of the fame
they promised you need
they call me insane
Track Name: The Invention of Zero
when i see that corpse
no more moving brawn
i got nothing to
to lose inside
no one cross that line
wanna lose
my demons down the line
nothing more to say

release the crime
i wanna hold that prime
all because
i promised you
not to forget
i´m living in the night
collecting pieces in a bight

when you make an accusation
i nearly loose my mind
lose my mind and
everytime i come around here
there is some more
strange behaviour
let it rule and
hold it back
hold it back
the beast within you
Track Name: Deep Asleep (V4A)
you say the better it feels...
(the closer it comes)
but my daughter's crying
(her eyes dry till shes dying)
it was a hard knock ride
we still feel completely lost

and worlds apart
your little fight
something's wrong
there´s no excuse, it's all in use

it only took overnight
till you recognize
something's gone to
another time, somewhere else

it feels like lost

it is simply the hardest cheese
something mean which no one needs
the random plan is back again
back with some mysterious links

you are the one and alive
it feels like love

you got it on
your little fight
something´s wrong
there´s no excuse, it's all in use

it feels like love
Track Name: Shadows of Tomorrow
you want it cold
you want it now
you want it cold and loud
you want a face
and you want it clear
i stick my plans to it

you call it down
move on free your mind
and let it burn
just name a price
no doubt about the
shadows of tomorrow

read those lines
there´s no need for it
forget and start again
this story bores me so

beat the fog
beat the fog
dont move away
there´s so much more to tell you
no more lies
i feel
the shadows of tomorrow
i´ll stay antime

read those lines
there´s no need for it
forget and start again
this story bores me so
Track Name: Devils are Animals
devil strikes me
dont call me back
and never forget
all the trouble
came from within

so now and then
trying to follow you
meet me at the gates
before it ends it ends

stopping with the dawn
she and him alive
no orders from those who want more
ah that´s right
descriptions can be shown red
with a bloody flesh cutting knife
devils are animals
in your mind only
in your mind

we´re shure coming down
no relations no excuse
roll the dice and feel those mourning gloves
tease my release my
floating point

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